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How Much Energy Would Your Business Save With Remote Working [Infographic]

An interesting infographic on how remote and flexible workers are reducing energy use.

The 13.9% of workers checking in from home are doing more than saving time: they’re using less energy. And no, we don’t mean they’re lazing around on the sofa when the boss isn’t around.

The telecommuting revolution is helping businesses of all kinds go green – from saving fuels on the daily commute to fitting more productive output into each hour.

Just as the Industrial Revolution replaced horses with machines, and the Information Revolution replaced manual work with knowledge work, bandwidth is replacing mains power with brain power. As early as 2020, smart new ways of connecting and collaborating could be cutting over £6 billion in energy costs. It’s not just great for business; it’s great for the planet.

So even if you’re already sold on the idea of remote and flexible working, it’s worth looking again at how it impacts your cost structure – for the better. Reports from remote workers of being 20% more productive are only the start. Offering everyone just one day a week out-of-office lowers the need for office space, with ongoing benefits to your heating, lighting, and electricity bills. The move to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) also cuts capital costs; some 38% of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2020. And a growing number of organisations barely need an address at all, with 4.7% of the US working population now teleworking full-time.

Let’s look at how this greening of how we work is changing both businesses and the people who work for them – for the better.

The benefits are clear. So how can you start?

First, make sure your workers who want to work from home, can. Arkadin’s messaging and collaboration tools can keep them connected. Second, tally up your costs of energy across your business – it’ll give you a figure to work from. Third, try a What-If or two. How much would you save if 10% of your workforce used BYOD and online collaboration instead of an office desk? Fourth, create a culture of teleworking – not just technological enablement, but trust. And fifth, remember the bigger picture. We’ve only got one planet. And your actions can help it. To get started, talk to Arkadin.

Let’s save the planet. Make remote working a working reality with our eGuide ‘A Realist’s How To Guide for Enabling Flexible Working’ now.


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