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How is Your Data Shared? 10 Surprising Stats

These 10 shocking stats reveal the danger shadow I.T poses to your data security. Stats that you can’t afford to ignore when you consider that 88% of cloud applications aren’t enterprise-ready and 84% of UK CIOs fear they are losing control of I.T.

10 statistics that reveal the risks to security when Shadow I.T is used for data sharing, on a scale that I.T leaders are only just beginning to grasp.

The stats above demonstrate the risk Shadow I.T poses to your data. However, your data security being compromised by Shadow I.T is not a forgone conclusion. Working with your employees to take the innovation from Shadow I.T and bring it securely into the Enterprise can create a situation that is the best of both worlds. For this to happen you, the I.T specialist, need to become a hero and lead your employees into the light.


  • It’s easy – and dangerous – to ignore the scale on which your data is probably being shared in the public cloud.
  • The extent to which your people are using Shadow IT should tell you a lot about what they really need to help them share data securely.
  • By far the majority of cloud applications would fail your compliance test – so make it your priority to discover why people are still using them in your business.

Learn how to bring your employees into the light, download Lead Flexible Workers Away from Shadow I.T and protect your data now.


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Ryan O'Reilly is a progressive, visionary leader with 16 years operational experience of managing technical departments, deploying carrier grade IT and Telecommunication infrastructures and delivering world class hosting solutions. Ryan has proven success in defining operational and technical rollout strategies and leading high performance teams to exceed company objectives in highly pressurised, high pace working environments.

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