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History of Collaboration and Communication [Infographic]

Times change, but communication still has the same key drivers today as 40,000 years ago. This infographic takes you through the story of how we communicate.

Technology is one long journey. A journey that isn’t over yet. It has been used for countless good purposes … and a few unaccountable evil ones. So there have been multiple twists and turns along the way.

But one constant of technological advancement – stretching back not just 100 years, but tens of thousands – never changes: the way every new invention helps us communicate.

Because the urge to connect to other people – and share ideas, information, and interactions – never changes either. From cave paintings in prehistoric Australia to VR constructs sizzling deep within your optic nerve, it’s a basic human drive: to pass on ideas to people who aren’t in the same room with you. And people have always used the tools and materials around them to make communication as clear, concise, imaginative, and wide-reaching as possible.

This infographic takes you through over 40,000 years of the methods human beings have used to communicate. You’ll quickly learn that communication isn’t a series of disjointed steps, but an unbroken line – a line starting far in our past, and projecting out even further, into humanity’s starcrossed future.

That’s our breathless dive through 40,000 years of communications technology. If you’re ready to join us, use any of these methods to talk to Arkadin today. (Although perhaps not that 1846 fax machine.)


  • Communication technology has been around for 40,000 years plus.
  • However communication and collaboration technology develops, it’ll still answer the human need to connect.

That’s yesterday and tomorrow. For the here and now, download this eGuide, Collaboration Tools in 2016: An In-Depth Guide For Marketers

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