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HCPs Customer Experience in the Digital Age

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With Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) shifting towards digital modes of interaction, pharma needs to increasingly adopt sophistication in integrating digital platforms, tailoring content delivery and formats and understanding attitudinal shifts to better address the clinical information needs of HCPs.

Digital is often seen as an executional spin-off of a traditional activity. Take for instance, a physical event. What often ensues is a nearly identical replication of a physical event experience delivered through digital media. This often results in lost in translation between tactical outcomes, channel-specific engagement, and how these can be attributed to successful HCP engagement.

Put yourself in the shoes of your physicians’ audience. What information are they looking for in their daily practice and how are you serving those needs?? Where are they looking for information? How are you making your (content) asset easily accessible?

Arkadin HCPs Engagement

Reference: The Science of Healthcare Professional Meetings whitepaper by Ashfield


Engage HCPs via a variety of content programming, format and delivery. Make education interactive and engaging through interactive content and gamification tactics. Create a mix of content formats to optimize retention of knowledge through a combination of traditional lean-back long-form medical education seminars versus snappy, digestible educational snippets designed to convey specific data points with clarity.

Harness the power of data insights collected through the plethora of digital applications available in your organization. Map rep-enabled interactions captured in CRM tools, to HCP self-directed interactions and activity captured via portals, professional forums and virtual meetings to refine segmentation and targeting tactics, triangulate areas of gaps that represent latent needs to address and determine the next best actions to shift HCPs along the knowledge journey.

In today’s omnichannel world, it is critical to think beyond individual channel engagement in silos and focus on the overall experience you are delivering to your HCP customers. Plan towards building a truly integrated, frictionless omnichannel experience for your customers, leveraging impactful and engaging channels such as videos, webinars, virtual meetings & portals to bring value to your HCPs, while collecting data to illustrate the evolution of their preferences and behaviour over time.

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Sherlynn is one of Asia's digital healthcare pioneers in multichannel HCP engagement, having spent over 13 years managing and innovating one of Asia's largest multi-channel healthcare professional platform and network. She’s a believer in metrics that matter, and devising omnichannel HCP engagement strategies on a deeper level beyond campaigns, buzzwords and vanity metrics to develop a sustainable, closed-loop, customer-centric digital engagement framework.

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