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Teamwork and training: the essence of Gourav Kajal’s career development

Gourav Kajal began working for the Cloud Communications division of NTT at the start of 2019. Having joined in a Web Developer role, he has been recently promoted to Senior Web Developer. He’s responsible for developing web applications to improve our clients’ experience. With his team, he first identifies and analyzes requirements. Next comes prioritization, including setting timelines and task distribution. In his new role, Gourav also develops new features, resolves technical issues, and guides his colleagues as needed.

We met with Gourav and took the opportunity to ask him several questions about his career choices and his motivation.

Q. How would you describe your work environment?

My team is maintaining a healthy work environment. Each and everyone here knows their responsibilities, are willing to share their knowledge and if something feels wrong, we can talk about it. We have open and transparent communication. It’s a clear and two-way communication process that promotes trust in our day-to-day interactions – between co-workers and with management. Knowing that I’ve got the support from my management, in particular for training in the latest technologies is also important for me.

Q. The last time you pulled off a big project, what was it and how did you feel?

I’m working on my second application with this company. We have a lot of different systems for our clients, and they have different access to these systems too. To simplify things, the idea was to develop a single web portal so that our clients can manage – almost – everything in one tool. Because of all the multiple systems, developing this web portal was – and still is – quite a complex project. I felt very challenged when we started it but thanks to each team – and team member – we’re on the right track.

Q. If you had to choose a mentor in the company, who would it be?

It’s very difficult to say, especially to choose only one. When I joined this company, I was the least experienced developer on the team. What I saw was an ocean of knowledge for me. Thankfully, my team members were willing to guide me through day-to-day challenges. And they still are today! I learned and keep learning from every one of them. But if I must choose one, I will say Djamel Ouikene. He’s guiding me through my career path. We usually have conversations about my technology stack, my areas of improvement and what I should do next.

Q. We discovered that you have a page on Medium where you love to talk about Angular! Where did this idea of writing articles come from?

There were two reasons why I started this page. The first one is to share the knowledge I have. The second one is to learn the knowledge I don’t have. Believe me, most of the time, it’s more about the second reason than the first one! You can only write about something when you have enough knowledge about that topic. It means that before writing, I need to read about it. It’s helping me to grow my knowledge, in particular about Angular, as I am pretty fond of it.

Q. What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?

Well, I had never thought about a second option. Being a Software Developer is the only thing I wanted to do since I started my Technical Diploma and then my Bachelor’s degree But my friends used to say that I would be a good teacher. Maybe I should have followed their advice!

About the author

Margot Legars joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. at the end of 2019 as Junior Internal & Employer Community Manager. After finishing a degree in communications and product management at Paul Valéry University (Montpellier, France) she spent six months in Dublin (Ireland) to expand her professional experience beyond France. She currently works in the Internal Communications team, led by Magali Dos Santos, which creates, organizes and runs international programs and communications, and develops the employer brand.

Together we do great things