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The ‘Go the Extra Mile’ day-to-day attitude of Richard White, Business Development Manager

In March, Richard White went the Extra Mile for his colleagues. Having been in the company for almost eight years now, he is always willing to help his co-workers and they aren’t shy when asked to describe Richard’s personality. You’ll soon hear about his ‘Extra Mile’ attitude with his “willingness to think outside of the box when trying to resolve issues”; and that he “always has a team-first attitude even when there is little to no personal reward”; and that he never stops “looking out for others when they need a motivational boost”.

Richard is a Business Development Manager at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. He is responsible for the change management of our clients – from employee engagement, to training and adoption in collaboration ecosystems. He tells us he usually starts his day with a planning session, and from there onward it’s client calls and meetings, and he likes to end the day learning about something new. However, in March, Richard went beyond his day-to-day and decided to help the development team improve its processes, and the look and feel of Salesforce for the sales team. This totally embodied the definition of ‘going the Extra Mile’.

We wanted to know more about him and his motivation.

Q. Your colleagues say that you have a “team-first attitude” and are always ready to give a “motivational boost” when needed. Is teamwork one of many qualities that are necessary for your work?

Yes, without your team supporting you, you won’t be able to be successful. You also need to be patient and understanding. Everyone is busy and the team supporting me is also supporting others, so you need to be mindful of this.

Q. You have been described as someone who “thinks outside the box when trying to resolve issues”. Why do you think this is important?

Because there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Each client has their own specific requirements and you need to think outside the box on how you can meet those requirements. If you don’t do this, you will not be successful and achieve what you want to achieve.

Q. Can you share with us an interesting or funny story from the last eight years at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd.?

Not one specific story, sadly. But every day there is something interesting and/or funny happening. It is just a great place to work – and that’s why I have stayed so long!

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Magali joined Arkadin in 2011 as Global Head of Internal Communication and Values Champion. Her objectives were to underpin delivery of our company’s business strategy, ensure strategic support across all of Arkadin’s business areas, set up global processes and programs, and deliver measurable impact in helping people explore and understand our 4 core values and the part they play within our company. In addition to her initial role, she is now in charge of our employer brand and focuses on refreshing our positioning and content through a strong digital media strategy via a new careers site and social media content. A graduate of the Paris - Sorbonne Nouvelle University, she spent her early career working with several consulting companies before joining Arkadin.

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