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Jean-Baptiste Roze & Daniel Andriolo are the January ‘Problem Solvers’ winners in our ‘Go the Extra Mile’ program

Pictures of Jean-Baptiste Roze & Daniel Andriolo

Jean-Baptiste Roze is a Project Manager in Toronto; Daniel Andriolo is a Solutions Consultant in São Paulo. Together, they have been the perfect pair of Problem Solvers, helping with our first Cisco Webex Calling clients in the Americas.  

Their colleagues truly appreciate their efforts and they never stop praising their work:

Jean-Baptiste and Daniel have been outstanding collaborators and problem solvers.” 

“They are brilliant under pressure from clients and partners.”

Always supportive, calm under pressure, proactive and great team players as we grow our Cisco business.” 

This is why they have been selected as our Go the Extra Mile winners in January! We caught up with them to know more about them and their teamwork.  

Q. Can you tell us about your day-to-day work? 

Jean-Baptiste: My focus is on Cisco projects. I help customer transitioning to the Cloud Connected Audio (CCA) platform and/or implementing new Cisco Webex services such as Cisco Webex Calling. I also get involved in other internal projects, usually where they involve Cisco products.  

Daniel: I’m acting as a dual-role consultant. Part of my time, I work as a Solution Consultant in the Advanced Services team and perform all the pre-sales activities related to Cisco Webex projects. The rest of the time, I’m acting as a Solution Engineer, responsible for Cisco Webex Calling and Cisco Webex Meetings project deployments. 

Q. Working on such big projects, you must have a lot of interesting stories. Would you mind sharing one with us? 

Jean-Baptiste: I remember that once, at the last minute, we had to postpone porting a client’s phone numbers. Of course, it did not work out so well: I received a call at 9pm to jump on a conference call with colleagues in Mexico and Sao Paulo and the client – a call that lasted until 2am. Luckily, we were able to get it right before the next workday started. I guarantee we all learned a lesson there about last-minute port cancellations! 

Daniel: For me, let’s just say it was quite interesting to find out how a very common feature in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) world was implemented within the Cisco Webex Calling environment. Despite the similarities, it served as a learning tool for new options and/or ways of configuring resources and functionality for customers. 

Q. Your colleagues say that you work “above and beyond” and that you are real problem solvers. Why do you think they appreciate your work so much?  

Jean-Baptiste: I like to provide value to people around me: to help and find solutions when I am able for colleagues or clients to make sure they get the best experience. I also don’t easily ‘let go’ until I have a satisfactory answer or solution. I have heard the “dog with a bone” expression few times already and, yes, I think it fits me! 

Daniel: I have always enjoyed the challenge of learning something new and putting it to work. I believe that this means that I am always engaged in solving any problems, as well as trying to meet all client expectations – especially when dealing with new solutions where there is so much we still need to learn.

Q. You both have really different career paths. What makes you such a great team?

Jean-Baptiste: Daniel and I complement each other really well. He brings a lot of knowledge from his past Cisco UCM world and has the same will to deliver excellence to our clients. We also share the same Latin humour.  

Daniel: It’s been very cool to work together with JB. He builds his project management knowledge and organizes all the processes and activities, and I look to deliver the most customized technical solution, and the best-possible client experience. What’s more, despite all the challenges in this initial phase with Cisco Webex Calling, we’ve never lost our sense of humour and ability to laugh at all the situations we’ve faced. 

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