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Future of Work: How Cloud Communication impacts our workplace

Future of Work: How Cloud Communication impacts our workplace and makes it more efficient for employees

Work has always been an integral piece of the jigsaw when it comes to the definition of our identities. All of us feel strongly about our work not just on what we do, however, we also tend to drive pride from why we do our work and how we hustle to achieve our targets. Speaking of how we work, we are entering into an unprecedented era where the boundary between personal lives and work is getting fuzzier by the day. Nowadays, achievements from personal pursuits are deemed to be equally valuable as professional achievements.

The flexibility required to support this will ensure it becomes a guiding principle of the future of work. Hence, I foresee a continuous generation of revolutionary concepts and propositions which will successfully endow us with the freedom of working as individuals or teams anytime, anywhere and in any way imaginable.

Being a passionate advocate of digitization myself, it’s great to see that digital solutions have evolved to be one of the most promising propositions to help us achieve optimal flexibility in working. Digitization has made an indelible imprint in the consumer space, and we are now witnessing the strong wave of digitization hitting the shores of workplaces worldwide. People are increasingly referring to the concept of the digital workspace, which is essentially a workspace comprehensively equipped with digital infrastructure (both hardware and software) that enables seamless connectivity among all stakeholders within the organization.

A whole host of competitive technologies have been perfected over the years for seamless connectivity. The evolution from desktop to mobile and from portable devices to cloud is a clear manifestation of our demand for greater agility when it comes to working. No doubt efficiency is one of the key attributes of a successful technology, but I like to think that enhanced communication with our colleagues, partners and customers is the most important endowment by seamless connectivity.


The way I see it, the future of work is a picture where we are no longer restricted by space and no longer constrained by different agendas.


How to create an ideal digital workspace

So, what’s the holy grail to creating an ideal digital workspace? In today’s smart economy, any business would definitely opt for an environment which fosters productive collaboration through enhanced communication. However, to deal with complexities growing by the day in modern affairs, businesses are increasingly adopting unified communications, whereby multiple departments in their organizations (or even outside of it) are smoothly connected to a common digital platform through various devices.

Why is this important? It’s back to basics really. Think about it, what is the underlying foundation of effective communication? Trust. So, the crucial first step would be building a solid communications platform that is absolutely reliable and enables the communication of various types of digital information. Speaking of reliability, it is all about ensuring all stakeholders know that with the devices and tools in place, they can communicate as if they are interacting face-to-face, whether they are in a coffee shop or on the beach.

Having ticked the box of reliability, the real key is making sure your communications infrastructure stays relevant and is used, adopted and embraced by your teams. To achieve this in your organization, make sure you work closely with your technology provider to constantly engage with users of the technology, i.e. your colleagues and company stakeholders. Understanding how they have been traditionally working and their level of comfort around digitization is a good start; in fact, engagement should be initiated from way before you start implementing your system. For advice on how to do this, download our free ebook ‘How to persuade different non-tech savvy stakeholders to adopt UC’.


How to persuade different non-tech savvy stakeholders to adopt UC


It goes without saying that the appropriate level of training is required; however, successful digital workplaces require much more than just this and need to focus on human change and adoption aspects (see our blog on organizational change management and training for more info on this). Make the effort to carefully monitor user experience, collect feedback and adjust your implementation accordingly and introduce capabilities over time as user adoption keeps pace. After all, the world’s most advanced digital workplace is a wasted investment if the intended users find it too complex and alien. So what better way to refine your platform and adoption than constantly COMMUNICATING with your fellow colleagues and stakeholders?

We will be increasingly empowered by digital solutions which are designed to assist us in managing the differences between us and our counter-parties more effectively and create breakthroughs which were previously unimaginable. With an unrelenting commitment on reliability but with the main focus on the human touch and user adoption, we are confident that the future of work is a bright one indeed.


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