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Four Tips to Give your Team a Boost in Time of Crisis

Sales pressures, budgetary restrictions, lay-offs—the crisis that has shaken the world has had an impact far beyond simple economics. This crisis has also created feelings of profound uncertainty among employees.

Psychological instability poses an additional challenge to managers, who must now work to maintain a calm, productive work environment amidst uncertainty and lack of motivation, management experts said.

How can managers re-instill a sense of commitment in their teams? These four commandments can help overcome any doom and gloom at work.

1. Reassure Employees

Assert your presence and make yourself available. During a time of crisis, these two skills are more critical than ever for managers.

A traditional hierarchy, in which managers are emotionally isolated from their employees, does not work well when trying to create a climate of trust. Rather than distancing themselves, managers need to rub shoulders with their teams and maintain close contact. They should hold one-on-one meetings as well as informal group get-togethers to maintain relationships. During these encounters, managers should convey positive, hopeful messages while remaining realistic.

2. Show Gratitude

Workplace recognition is one of the most important ingredients in encouraging employee commitment. Managers need to remember to provide employees with regular feedback in order to make their work seem worthwhile and appreciated.

Feedback can include anything from simple thanks for a job well done, to monetary incentives, employee-of-the-month contests, to assistance obtaining promotions and raises.

3. Use Transparent Means of Communication

Open, honest communication is the best way to prevent workplace rumors. Uncertainty surrounding a certain decision or project can be a source of confusion for employees, so decision-makers need to be honest and clear about their strategies, goals and decisions. At the same time, leaders must be careful to avoid making announcements before decisions are final, because this can also create confusion.

4. Encourage Team Spirit and Collaboration

“Strength in numbers” is the name of the game in times of uncertainty. A strong corporate culture is key to maintaining a feeling of unity and cohesion, so don’t pass up an opportunity to remind employees of the values, vision and goals that drive the company.

Another idea is to introduce innovative, company-wide campaigns to stimulate company spirit. For example, employees can even create videos or musical clips around a given theme and post them on YouTube.


Collaborate More Effectively by Bringing Technology and People Together

Good will is not enough to promote collaboration between employees. Choosing the right tools is also critical to a winning strategy.

Select intelligent communication tools that allow you to save time and that allow employees to work together efficiently. This will boost your teams’ productivity and commitment.

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