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Four questions to ask when considering remote working

Arkadin - Four questions to ask when considering remote working

If being bound to their desks isn’t remotely working for your employees, it might be time to consider an alternative option.

Remote working can help create a happier and more productive environment for your workforce, and could even improve your bottom line. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s fast becoming a major trend in the modern workplace. But do you have all the information you need to consider the options fully? Here are four key questions you should be asking yourself – and your business – if you’re considering remote working.

1. Can your job be done remotely?

Not all roles are created equally – whilst some jobs will allow you to sit on a laptop in a cafe and complete tasks just as efficiently as in the office, others need require a more hands on approach. This infographic outlines six thought starters to help you understand the impact and potential benefits of remote working on your role, and on your wider team. For example, have you considered the fact that if most of your team work in separate locations, you’re already working remotely?

Can Your Job be done Remotely? from Arkadin Collaboration Services

2. How would remote working affect your workplace?

Deciding to go remote is the easy part – the next step is looking at how it could work in practice for you. This infographic looks at the impact of collaboration tools on the workplace, based on a survey of private sector executives. Understanding where and how you and your team are working is essential in implementing a successful remote working system. How do these stats compare to your workplace?

Development of Remote Working Methods – a survey of private sector executives from Arkadin Collaboration Services

3. Do you have the tools you need?

To fully embrace remote working, you will need to consider the software and hardware required to make it happen. This infographic highlights some key technology to think about, such as unified communications, remote printing and secure portable drives.

Tools for Remote Worker from Arkadin Collaboration Services

4. What skills will you need to develop?

Working remotely requires a different set of skills, if communications are to be as seamless as if you were actually there. This Slideshare is a great place to start developing those skills, with some key pointers for mastering the web conference. Preparation is the key!

5 Secrets of Mastering Webconferences from Arkadin Collaboration Services

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These four examples are just a starting point – for more resources on how to foster a culture of collaboration and build a strong, productive workforce, follow us on Slideshare for regular updates.


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