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Five trends in store for intelligent workplace professionals in 2020

Globalization and digitization have caused a fundamental change to how we work. Today’s world is digitally enhanced, where hyper connectivity is the norm and the requirement to visit an office is not paramount to you completing your job at hand.

Work-life balance is an expectation and I think there are a few key topics that organizations must be aware of as they look to enhance employee comfort, collaboration, and productivity across the workplace, whilst ensuring they can deliver a superior customer experience at every touch point.

Trend one: The rise of the modern collaboration estate

Today’s employees want the freedom, flexibility, and tools to do what they love, and do it well. But there’s been a disconnect between the powerful, user-friendly tools people use in their personal lives and the somewhat limited, mostly unintegrated, tools available ‘at the office’.

Are you building a modern collaboration estate that bridges these gaps by bringing together unified communications and productivity systems in the same estate?

Trend two: The growing spotlight on agile ways of working

As organizations seek to enable cross-functional, project-based teams from around the world, there’s a greater focus on productivity and collaboration solutions that offer flexibility and support a more agile way of working. Virtual assistants are accelerating this trend by making collaboration processes far more efficient.

Do your productivity solutions empower teams and fit your processes, culture, and way of working – and are they flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of work styles?

Trend three: The dual role of smart buildings

Workspace design has evolved to consider employee wellbeing and productivity alongside factors such as reducing running costs and minimizing environmental impact.  

To optimize the use of space for maximum impact on positivity and productivity, are you getting employees’ input into various aspects of design, from the look and feel of the spaces to the names of meeting rooms?

Trend four: The impact of split-second customer loyalty

Because it’s now so easy for customers to switch providers, organizations must get the customer journey right. But unless a business is digitally born, the data needed to fuel an engaging and positive customer experience lies in different systems across the organization – customer relationship management, enterprise resource management, sales, and invoicing – all of which need to be brought together to create a single, connected customer journey.

Are internal business silos holding you back from connecting the data that informs an enriched and positive customer journey?

Trend five: The effectiveness of the data-driven organization

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, anything that can be automated, will be. With humans working alongside machines, the way organizations visualize and use data will be key to successful outcomes. Creating the ideal combination between what a machine does and what a human does will drive optimal business outcomes.  

Are you progressing towards becoming an effective, data-driven organization? Remember, the key is to start with the business problem then work down to the technology.

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About the author

Nemo Verbist is Senior Vice President for Intelligent Business and Intelligent Workplace at NTT Ltd.  In this role he’s responsible for delivering the vision, strategy, and go-to-market execution for these two practices.

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