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Five Proven Ways to Beat the End-of-Summer Blues

It’s happening and it’s tragic and it’s horrible and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it: summer’s drawing to a close. And when it does, the end-of-summer blues are sure to begin. Here are five ways you can beat them.

1. Surround yourself with memories

Make room on your desk for photos of your happiest, silliest, sunniest summer moments. Not only will they make you smile when you’re plowing through all the reports and emails that have piled up during your absence; they’ll also attract your colleagues’ attention and start little “And where did you guys go?” conversations that will chase the back-to-work blues away.

2. Take plenty of “me” time

Summer is the most social time of year, with more events and get-togethers than any other season. But the hectic schedule summer brings can sometimes make you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. Getting back to work is the perfect time to pamper yourself a little. Try setting aside an evening once a week week to do something just for yourself, whether it’s going to the gym or the movies, or hunkering down in bed with a great read.

3. Plan a micro-vacation

Although your memories of the beach and the mountains are fading into the distance, there’s a whole new list of fall adventures to be had. Think about a weekend getaway or a daytrip to a nearby city. The important thing is to not let yourself become overwhelmed by the return to full work weeks with no sign of a break ahead. Make some plans, and take advantage of any long weekends coming up in the near future. Not only will you have something to look forward to, but you’ll be helping yourself to stay healthy and avoid burnout.

4. Move like it’s still summer

The summer sunshine gets you outside and keeps you fit without you even realizing how much healthy exercise you’re getting. But when the temperature drops and people start staying indoors more, that feeling of motivation tends to dissipate. As every health professional will tell you, it’s important to keep active when summer ends. Exercise of every sort helps to increase endorphins in your body, which naturally improve your mood. And cooler temperatures may even make it a little easier on your body to go jogging or perform other activities. So keep moving: it will keep the blues at bay.

5. Make a fresh start in your career

Another way to fight the back-to-work doldrums it to plunge into work twice as hard. It’s not the recipe for everyone – but if you’re thinking about moving up in your organization, this might be the path for you. Because September is the perfect time for a fresh start and a rejuvenated outlook. If you set your sights on a promotion or commit to being laser focused on improving your performance in the office, it will take your mind off the fact that summer’s over, and will also give you new goals to work toward.

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