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Moving voice to the cloud? Insist on expert-led telephony design to reduce your TCO

In this article I’m going talk about the importance of expert-led telephony design.

Now, you may not have telephony design high on your list of priorities, but if you’ve decided that your organization needs to modernize its telephony and move your voice to the cloud, then it’s something you need to pay careful attention to.

And get absolutely right.

The many benefits of cloud-based telephony

Moving your voice to the cloud has without doubt a great many benefits.

Raise your hand if your CFO would like to consolidate suppliers and simplify your billing?

Nod your head if your organization needs to be sure your staff can work-from-anywhere?

Sigh with relief at the thought of no more maintenance of legacy phone hardware.

All told, there are a great many benefits – how about more accurate planning and budgeting, or intelligent fraud protection, and its part in your organization’s ongoing digital transformation.

Image shows eight benefits of Cloud Voice benefitting from our expert-led telephony design
The many benefits of moving your voice to the cloud

Yet one of the most compelling reasons for moving your voice to the cloud is that you can reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). That one’s worth a vigorous fist pump for sure, but to achieve this, you must steer clear of what can be hidden costs and risks.

And only expert-led telephony design will help you do it.

Expert-led telephony design cuts costs – not corners

Yes, removing the expense of new hardware purchases and the need for onsite maintenance and upgrades will reduce future costs. But your calculations must also take into account your ongoing call costs. What will you be charged, day-in, day-out, once you’ve moved your voice to the cloud? Expert-led telephony design will ensure you get a right-sized solution, one tailored exactly to your organization’s needs. It’s an approach that doesn’t cut any corners, and ultimately will allow you to cut your costs and your total cost of ownership.

Without this careful approach in mind, you may find some providers and integrators simply offer you a standard voice design. Though this will price up the technical change, it won’t take into account the usage. You may find it perfectly workable now, but it will almost certainly not be finely tuned to your organizational needs.

This will inevitably mean pitfalls and problems down the line. If you stick to what are simply ready-made templates you will more than likely end up with a solution that requires adjustments and additional considerations that have not been costed. And these are likely to be expensive to mitigate – everything from resiliency matters and regulatory concerns can crop up, and then there are the roadmap items from your potential provider: will these have been thought about and planned in? Will your vendor really have the same early-access insights and experience that we have?

We work in partnership with your IT / telephony teams

What makes us unique as a provider is that we don’t just deliver standard voice designs from our vendors. By contrast, we bring together our industry-leading, in-house solution architects to work closely with your IT / telephony teams. Working in partnership we can truly consider the specifics of your situation.

And there’s another crucial key to the success of this approach: the advice from our ‘people’ team – our change management specialists. Their role is to look very closely at the different user types within a business – how they work, and what their needs are – and then assign each group of users to a particular persona. This holistic approach connects the dots between the way people work and their technical needs. For example, some users may not need to make any direct dial external calls, nor take any external calls either. You will find you can meet their telephony needs simply by setting them up to make and take VOIP (internet) calls to colleagues within, say, Microsoft Teams.

We shape your voice design around your mix of personas

Our approach is to consider a number of different personas. As you read from left to right in the image below, you can see the increasingly complex user requirements, including need for dual numbers and different types of contact center solutions.

Our expert-led telephony design considers six different personas - user types and their specific needs

Using these personas, we can assign different users – no matter which department, division, or location – to their best-fit persona. This approach to what we call Global Voice Design takes into account all your personas and all the global / local conditions in every market your organization is in. Every country has its own intricacies that need to be considered and catered for. Which is what we do. Perhaps you can’t actually use VOIP services in Country X? What’s the compliant approach for handling emergency calls in Country Y?

Whatever the factors, we take it all into account. Using Global Voice Design we provide a highly nuanced and lean solution.

Expert-led telephony design leads to bespoke configuration for every client.

Expert-led telephony design depends on change management input

The upshot of our expert-led approach is that clients don’t end up with phone numbers they don’t need. Nor do they find themselves paying for expensive call plans for staff that only need to make point-to-point calls. These may seem obvious things to avoid, but they are hard to do unless you include change management. And the reality is you may not be offered this. Or you may find it offered, but only as an optional extra. And even then, only outsourced to another company. Without a clear understanding of why it is so important, it’s understandable that you might choose to omit it.

Unless you fully understand the benefits, it can seem like it’s only going to add to the cost. The trouble is that whilst the technical design will, in itself, enable business change, you won’t see the full benefit of a teams-based solution with all its added functionality unless you make it a new way of working. Change management really is the secret sauce to success – and it’s why we bake it into the transformation process.

Save costs – and stay compliant and supportable

It’s only through this integrated approach that you get a bespoke approach to transformation – and the right solution delivered the right way.

And the proof is in the pudding. Using this approach, we are regularly able to deliver huge savings to our clients. These can amount to tens of thousands – in some cases hundreds of thousands – of dollars, pounds, and Euro. Just as importantly, perhaps more so, we ensure that your deployment is compliant and supportable.

If you’ve got designs on modernizing your telephony, then do talk to us about Global Voice Design and our expert-led approach, integral to all our unified communications solutions. It’s designed to deliver not just technically perfect and future-proofed solutions, but ones that will reduce your total cost of ownership. Now that really is worth another fist pump!


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