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Enter the Cisco Spark Board Room

Explore the vast array of features brought to you by the incredible new Cisco Spark Board, and see how it can empower the digital heroes of your team with seamless file sharing and business-focused instant messaging

Cisco will see you now…

Ever since our partners at Cisco announced that they would soon be unveiling the next milestone in team collaboration, everyone from the C-suite to the IT back office has been itching to enter the Cisco Spark Board Room.

Well, the facilitator of uncompromised collaboration has finally arrived. Believe the hype…

Seamless sharing

One of the primary features of the Spark Board is its ability to facilitate live whiteboarding, file sharing, and collaboration, all with a few taps on the screen.

For all you videoconferencing veterans, consider the Spark Board your next upgrade. The Cisco Spark Board will expand your telecommunications capabilities beyond any solution you have used before, enabling you to contact your colleagues, clients and collaborators from anywhere in the world using Cisco’s highly secure cloud infrastructure.

You don’t have to have your conversation interrupted, or even leave your chat window.

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Don’t waste time on wires

As well as being able to scribble on the same virtual page from opposite ends of the world, the Spark Board also enables easy, seamless desktop sharing — a key feature for anyone looking to lead any kind of call or meeting.

The Spark Board functions wirelessly across all users and devices, so you never have to experience that awkward pre-meeting scramble for the right VGA cable or HDMI adapter ever again.

A business-focused instant messaging app

The Cisco Spark Board is built to make teams work seamlessly, consolidating the power of the Cisco Spark app into one single interface and enabling users to engage with your video conference, telecoms meeting or virtual event across mobile, desktop or other room systems regardless of location.

Like your favourite instant messaging apps, the Cisco Spark Board allows you to add relevant collaborators into ‘Rooms’, where you can engage in group discussions, share ideas and assets, and log your full conversation history. This also means your collaborative work can be stored live in one space, for all the relevant members of your team to access anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about Arkadin’s provision of Cisco Spark and how it’s changing the game of collaboration

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Expanding the Spark Ecosystem

The Cisco Spark Board is a truly mobile hybrid solution, possessing the technology to improve communications through both cloud and on premise means. Technology might be progressing, but people still meet in person. This solution caters to attendees of both virtual and face-to-face meetings.

‘Sorry, I have this room booked…’

The Spark Board serves as the remedy to those all-too-common room reservation headaches. If a meeting in your Spark Board Room is overrunning, they can simply transfer the call to their smartphone or other device, before moving on to find another available space.

Can everyone see me at the back?

It’s just not the Spark Board’s software that’s top of the range. Its incredible wide angle camera will clearly capture everyone in the room, while 12 mounted microphones make the speech of each individual on the call distinct.

Plus, SIP Video URL makes it interoperable with other video room systems.

Spark is straight to business

Once you’ve synced to the Spark Board once, you’re synced for life. Using Cisco Proximity, the Cisco Spark Board will wake up, recognise you, and connect to your device whenever you enter the room.

With the Spark app opened on your device, it literally takes one touch of a button to start sharing, so you can get straight to business in all meetings from here on out.

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Step into the Cisco Spark Board Room…

The Cisco Spark Board keeps team collaboration continuous and always on. And for the traditionalists among you, don’t worry, it still functions as a regular whiteboard as well.

Contact Arkadin to set up your Spark app account today.

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