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How to create employee engagement with webcasts

How to create employee engagement with webcasts

Employee engagement is the key to any company’s success. Having a committed and motivated workforce leads to a rich company culture, giving employees a sense of pride working for a company that cares about its people. Ultimately, it increases the chances of business success, not only for the organization but for the individual as well.

It is well documented that disengaged employees don’t put in as much effort as their more engaged peers. In fact, according to a survey by Bain & Company, engaged workers are 44% more productive than satisfied staff.

But as an internal communication professional, how do you go about engaging employees?

And just as importantly, how do you do it with a minimal budget?

Globally we see internal communication professionals struggle with small budgets and limited resources. It can be a big challenge to deliver employee-inspiring tactics without exploding the costs! But thanks to new technology there are a number of solutions making employee engagement possible with the limited budgets that Internal Communication professionals often have to work with.

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One such solution is the use of webcasts. Whether you need to deliver company results on a quarterly basis or organize a global kickoff event – using webcasts is a great solution to enhance employee communication with a low budget.

Benefits of webcasts:

  • Capture a wide audience including remote workers
  • Connect with your audience
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increase engagement

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Webcasts create interaction and make sure your content is understood

Besides the benefits of webcasts mentioned above, another major advantage of this tool is increased employee interaction, for instance through a Q&A platform. By allowing employees to ask questions before as well as live during the webcast, you allow increased interaction between them and senior management. This direct link makes workers feel listened to and gives leaders credibility.

Furthermore, engaging through visual and audio helps ensure that the content is understood and remembered. According to a Forrester study by James L. McQuivey, a video is worth 1.8 million words per minute! Now wouldn’t you rather invest time and money in creating video content for your employees?

How to increase attendance and reduce costs with webcast – aexample

A perfect example of how webcasts can benefit a company is how Arkadin used webcast for its annual kickoff – the Together in Delivering Excellence (TiDE) event.

With more than 1100 employees located in more than 50 offices in more than 30 countries, Arkadin has a diverse employee base. As it is difficult to bring together all employees for an event in one single place, the internal communication team did the next best thing: 

Whilst running three simultaneous events in each major geographical region (APAC, Americas & EMEA), Arkadin connected the events via webcast for one global session featuring the CEO of the company. Corporate level strategic messaging delivered during one session to all employees, whether they were physically present at an event location, remotely at home or in another office.

How Arkadin increased attendance by 130% while reducing costs by 20% by using webcast for its annual kick-off event.

Every employee on the same page, at the same time. Employees were able to connect globally, see and interact with their colleagues, feel pride and enjoy celebrating success together. And more than that: Thanks to using webcast, Arkadin was able to increase attendance by 130% and reduce costs by 20% compared to previous similar events!

When it comes to an effective tool, one that engages employees, is manageable for your budget and can easily be measured, running a webcast should definitely be on your shortlist!

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