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Do you think because your organization is “doing webinars” that you’re in the webinar game?

Think again.

Webinars have become so standard within every industry that “doing webinars” is like getting dressed, making coffee, and driving to work. We can perform these functions in our sleep, and chances are if you’re putting webinars together in the same robotic fashion as your morning routine then your attendees might be sleepwalking as well.

So great, what does this mean?

RE-THINK your webinar game.

Pose the following questions – complements of one of Arkadin’s strategic webinar partners – to your virtual events team before your next big meeting:

1. Does your webinar platform limit access to your events?
2. Can you customize your webinar consoles to represent your brand and your messaging?
3. Can you deliver a truly interactive audience experience?
4. Are your webinars social events?
5. Can you easily integrate video into your webinars?
6. Do you have real-time access to reporting/analytics?
7. Does it work?

If your answer is no, your webinar experience may lack game!

You need a services provider to not only provide your webinar platform but also to pull you through these steps. Also you may need an experienced Subject Matter Expert to offer your team consultation, project management, white-glove service and both pre-and post-event guidance along the way.

Your presentation may lack the polish it needs to drive the engagement and interactivity which are the new cornerstones of a successful webinar. This exactly is what participants are beginning to demand for their valuable time.

Stop hitting snooze on the alarm every day and get in the webinar game – before it’s too late.

About the author

Brad Engel is a Solution Specialist for Virtual Events and Webinars based at Arkadin’s main location in Schaumburg, IL.

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Together we do great things