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Disruptive Leadership: How CEOs are shaking up the world of management


When innovative management methods get the limelight, they’re usually applied to products and services. But the most interesting leadership techniques today often involve empowering people. Here are some innovative management methods at work – from five top companies, SME to MNC.

In “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, Harvard’s Clayton Christensen outlined the difficulties of adopting truly innovative management techniques. Keyword: innovative. Not the cut-and-trim incremental improvement of everyday management, but the disruptive change that opens up whole new areas of opportunity.

Of course, there’s a good reason: being disruptive carries risks. But in today’s world of squeezed margins, market-shifting technologies, and competitive landscapes that change in an eye-blink, can you afford not to?

Here are some companies that dared to be different. Are their approaches right for your business? Only you know.


These stories show where disruptive management models had an effect… and in some cases, the jury’s still out on whether it was a long-term success. But one thing’s for certain: those that thrive will depend on effective communication and collaboration to help managers take their teams through change – and there’s no partner who can help with that better than Arkadin.


  • New management models are flattening hierarchies and empowering employees
  • Disruptive management techniques bring true change, not incremental
  • Good communication and collaboration tools make new management models a lot easier to implement
  • Discover how you can create a culture of innovation and shake up your business, download download The connected business: Generating a collaborative culture, how to build innovation in your enterprise now.


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