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What Does Digital Transformation Mean to Pharma Professionals?

To deliver ground-breaking care to patients and timely communications, content, announcements, a new drug trial or an event organized by the pharmaceutical companies, technology can help to connect the dots and fill in the knowledge gaps, regardless of geography and distance.

Patients have higher expectations from their healthcare providers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) expect more from pharma professionals when communicating about a new drug or organizing events, in a world that has been transformed by digital communications technologies and physical migrations.

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HCPs are increasingly under pressure to deliver care to patients and spend more time at hospitals. Therefore, they have less time to meet with medical representatives or travel long distances to attend international events.

The Digital Transformation Journey

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry needs to stay ahead of other industries in terms of adoption of digital communication and technology. Because by adopting the new technology for communications and diagnosis purposes, pharmaceutical industry leaders and HCPs can save more lives and build more meaningful relationships with patients and partners.

Unsurprisingly, digital transformation is a key strategy to gain a competitive advantage in pharma marketing efforts. However, how can pharma companies drive digital transformation and achieve differentiated multichannel engagement strategies?

Let’s look at example here. Applying a 360 strategy for digital transformation and multichannel engagement, NTT and ISPPC are working together to reshape healthcare and make hospitals more human:

By deploying a user-friendly digital channel to enable the marketing and commercial teams to build and strengthen HCPs engagement, pharma companies can:

  • Improve communications with HCPs
  • Encourage collaboration teams and department
  • Overcome geographical boundaries during key international events
  • Boost engagement during key events
  • Establish trust and rapport with HCPs
  • Measure and evaluate impact

Make Your Strategy a Reality

As we move into 2020, pharmaceutical companies must think about the communication technologies that will be seen as impactful and meaningful to HCPs. Martin Strandberg-Larsen, VP, Market Access & Pricing, at AstraZeneca Nordic-Baltic, in an interview with eye for pharma said: “Digital solutions and AI could really take off in 2019 to support healthcare professionals navigate in the immense body of evidence rapidly developing. This is a trend I personally will be working actively on in 2019.”


Pharma marketing is leading to digital engagement, and as a result, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) believes the UK pharma Code of Practice needs to be changed with the digital times.

On that basis, a priority of pharma marketing and educational teams should be to embrace the multichannel approach when engaging with HCPs. Digital engagement is changing the future of pharma marketing. Your digital transformation strategy must be driven by evidence and its execution (digital engagement) enabled by technology.

The future is always sooner than you think. To discuss your digital engagement strategy, contact us.

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