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Collaboration: The Productivity Booster

Collaboration: The Productivity Booster

Feeling overwhelmed by a calendar crammed with too many meetings? An overflowing inbox got you down? Are too many conversations giving you a headache? Boost your productivity with a healthy dose of collaboration!

The Problem: Too Many Meetings, Not Enough Time

The problems with business meetings are manifold: there are simply too many of them, they take up too much time (a recent study by shows that the average office worker in the UK spends about 16 hours in meetings each week – that’s two full working days!), there are oftentimes too many unnecessary participants, and 100% attendance is all but impossible for today’s global workforce.

The solution: Virtualize your “Rendez-vous”

Collaboration tools like web conferencing for document sharing and video conferencing for virtual face-to-face discussions can help cure this meeting madness and increase your overall productivity. Participants attend from wherever they are via whichever connected device they prefer, consolidating feedback and cutting back on business travel.

The Problem: Soothing a Savage Inbox

Email is a tool that everyone in business needs and uses. But as a collaborative tool, it has certain inherent problems. So many messages are sent to so many people that vital messages are lost in the deluge and go unread. Much time is wasted in sending emails to verify whether a given recipient has received a given email, to which the recipient, via a time-wasting email, replies that, no, he didn’t, and could the sender please resend it. This is pretty much the definition of “counter-productive”.

According to a survey by McKinsey Global Institute and International Data Corp., email is the second-most time-consuming activity for workers, consuming up to 28% of their days. The study goes on to say that “Improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise the productivity of interaction workers by 20 to 25 percent”.

The Solution: Transform Email into Real Time Communication

To ensure that your most important communications won’t be missed, better, faster, and more productive solutions than email include enterprise messaging, collaboration tools, and even – surprise! – a good old-fashioned telephone call. And instead of sending a critical or highly sensitive email message to numerous recipients, knowing that it might be accidentally missed or misplaced, a safer and more productive solution is group chats.

Bringing It All Together

Even the most motivated workers can’t be productive when they have to deal with cumbersome work processes, such as multiple inboxes, interfaces, and phone numbers.
Unified Communications is the ultimate productivity booster. By combining real-time and near-real-time data, video, and voice into a single, globally accessible network, UC enables individual users to instantly access and save all their communications, from email and IM streams to phone calls and documents, using a single inbox, handset and number. And with UC, they’re always easy for you to reach as well.
Most business leaders have ideas about ways to boost productivity. But one of the greatest productivity experts of all time also had this to say: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” The author? Henry Ford.

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Amber Skinner is the Corporate Manager of External Communications at Arkadin, coordinating public-facing communications and branding outreach at an international level. She is particularly focused on exploring how new communication channels like social media and remote virtual conferencing impact enterprise collaboration and encourage social business. Having lived and worked in North America, Asia and Europe, Amber is fascinated by unique cross-cultural modes of communication that drive business in an increasingly borderless world.

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