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Collaboration is the Product of Smart Communication

In today’s digital economy, productive and engaged employees are a company’s true competitive advantage. Organizations need to seek feedback from their employees about the challenges they face with team collaboration and communications, especially when it comes to working with remote workers and colleagues in offices across multiple geographical locations.

As businesses and their workforce are spread around the world, collaboration can be challenging, unless all involved stakeholders have access to and are trained to use enterprise scale collaboration solutions.

Digital transformation journey

Collaboration tools must be intuitive to use and easy to roll out. Before deploying new communication and collaboration solutions, you need to think about how your employees will use them to improve overall efficiency and productivity; and ultimately benefit your business’ bottom line.

At Arkadin we believe Cloud Communications solutions should be more than just a collection of features. We understand what a business needs because we listen to our customers’ business reality before advising them on the best way to tackle their communication and collaboration problems. It is about having a strong relationship with the customer to understand their pain points before working on a strategy. That is why we have built up a team of over 300 in-house cloud communications specialists who will guide and support you through your transformation journey to a Smarter Workspace.

Delivering excellence is in our DNA

At Arkadin, we are driven by the fact that progress and results emerge from teamwork and collaboration. Businesses may face certain communications and collaborations challenges amongst their local and global teams as they expand to different markets. Thanks to our dedication to ensuring that we deliver the highest quality Unified Communications and Collaboration services available on the market, Microsoft recognized us as the Global Intelligent Communications Partner of the year 2019. Here is our Managing Director, Christophe Reyes, speaking from the heart about how we feel to be recognized as a global leader in the Unified Communications landscape:

We have successfully strategized and implemented Unified Communications Solutions services and delivered digital events for 170 of Global Fortune 500 companies. The testimonial we have received from Nestlé Japan shows our commitment to delivering excellence.


“ The support provided by Arkadin was really diligent and much appreciated. They were able to understand

our needs and propose, a well-judged solution.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Wataru Mitsumori, IT Support, Nestlé Japan


Each member of our professional services team is certified to ensure that our customers receive the best independent advice and quality of service as we are committed to save your business time and improve efficiency.

By understanding their goals, we tailor our end-to-end consulting, deployment and managed services to advance their journey to a smarter workspace.

Achieve goals without being physically present in the workplace

According to our latest research, which you can watch in the video below, remote working is on the rise and it is becoming a fundamental part of work culture.

Whether you are looking for a simple team collaboration solution or an end-to-end digital workspace transformation package, our extensive set of solutions can help you. The benefits of a Smarter Workspace include:

  • increased employee and customer engagement
  • greater business agility
  • improved ROI


In order to deliver these benefits of a Smarter Workspace we have the right technology partner to provide you the best solution:


We cannot overlook the shifts toward a different type of work culture and workspace. Let’s take Gethub as an example. Gethub is a tech unicorn with presence in 45 countries but 100% of their employees work remotely.

As you can see, there is a transition happening in the business world that requires expert input from a technology agnostic partner, capable of strategizing and implementing smart yet secured communications. This is the step towards creating a Smarter Workspace, what we at Arkadin can deliver.

We are your trusted adviser for leading Smart Communication and a reliable technology agnostic business delivering Smarter Workspace for our clients.

If you want to find out more about working with us, and recognise benefits similar to our existing 42,000 customers, get in contact and we will create you a Smarter Workspace.

Expect more from people who deliver and manage technology for your business!

About the author

Martin Cheyne is VP, Global and EMEA Marketing at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd., working with the leadership team to develop and implement targeted marketing strategies and campaigns. His role includes leveraging sales and market data, and identifying and segmenting key customer/prospect bases, to help the business achieve its critical business objectives. Martin founded the Marketing Operations department in 2010, and has since launched many successful strategic projects covering market segmentation strategy, 360° customer view, and global demand generation. Prior to joining, he worked for 11 years at SAP where he held several marketing and consulting roles, finishing his tenure as EMEA Data Infrastructure Manager.

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