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Vous ne pouvez pas voyager? Restez connecté et productif, malgré les perturbations

“Les plans les mieux conçus par les souris et les hommes tournent souvent mal.” Ce dicton bien connu, adapté d’un poème de…

Can’t travel? Stay connected and productive, despite disruptions

No matter how carefully we plan, things can go wrong, and often due to circumstances beyond our control. When large numbers of people can’t travel to work, meetings, or events, it can really hurt a business and the wider economy. However, there are still ways to stay connected and productive.

Reiseverbot? Bleiben Sie verbunden und produktiv trotz Störungen

“”Die besten Pläne von Mäusen und Männern gehen oft schief.” Dieses bekannte englische Sprichwort aus dem 18. Jahrhundert von Robert Burns Gedicht “To…

Microsoft Teams: mature, credible, and the center of your productivity hub in Office 365

It’s something that Microsoft has been saying for some time – but it’s now a reality: Microsoft Teams should be the hub for all your organization’s teamwork; your productivity center within Office 365.

It’s time to get your meeting experience right! My collaboration wishes for 2020

Despite many advances, collaboration technology does not get the use it deserves in the workplace. It’s a pity – and so with progress in mind, here are my three collaboration wishes for 2020.

Together we do great things