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From Service Manager to Conferencing Product Owner, the career path of Claudia Landaeta

Today, the spotlight shines on Claudia Landaeta, Conferencing Product Owner in our Montpellier office in France. She arrived from Venezuela some years ago to study business management, then following a few initial roles she joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. in 2014 as a Service Manager.

Now as Conferencing Product Owner, Claudia is responsible for our Audio and Web Portfolio. She works closely with the Development team, making sure that the products and features reflect the vision and strategy of the company. Claudia focuses on making and keeping the product a success – innovating and keeping up with clients’ needs.

She found time to talk to us and tell us more about her career path to date…  

Q. Before becoming Conferencing Product Owner, you changed role three times in around six years. Was the process easy?

Yes, it has been very natural. At the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd., we are in a rapidly changing market, and our technology department constantly evolves to keep up with the changes. This offers the opportunity to really easily change role within the same department. Since I love taking new challenges and learning new things, I am always happy to change role. For me, change is part of my life.

Q. In your video, you talk about how the company helped you develop some hard skills. Can you name a few?

I have been able to undertake various different training programs and to acquire the knowledge I need in terms of reporting, budgeting and other areas. The Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. has a good annual training program that considers the way you want to grow and suggests regular training for each group of jobs. In addition to the ongoing training I have also successfully completed two certifications.

Q. Moving from Venezuela to France must have been a huge change. Did you experience much culture shock?

Of course, there are some differences in the French work culture, but I really don’t recall suffering any big shock. At the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd., we have a nice international environment, and people are very open and respectful. I found it very easy to integrate within my team and also within the company.

Q. We saw on LinkedIn that you won a scholarship prize? Congratulations on that, and what did you with it?

I was awarded with the International Excellence scholarship in 2009. With this scholarship, I was able to pay for tuition in Telecom Ecole de Management. Not only was this a unique opportunity to discover France, it was the first step in my French career.

Q. Last question: do you have any advice for someone interested in a career in project management?

Start small, and be prepared for a true adventure! Managing a project involves a lot of coordination and responsibility, so starting with a small project will serve you well as a key to your future success. Try to do an internship before looking for a position. I would also say that you need to remember that all projects are different and that there will be many ups and down. But it is always worth the satisfaction of seeing your projects implemented and completed!

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Magali joined Arkadin in 2011 as Global Head of Internal Communication and Values Champion. Her objectives were to underpin delivery of our company’s business strategy, ensure strategic support across all of Arkadin’s business areas, set up global processes and programs, and deliver measurable impact in helping people explore and understand our 4 core values and the part they play within our company. In addition to her initial role, she is now in charge of our employer brand and focuses on refreshing our positioning and content through a strong digital media strategy via a new careers site and social media content. A graduate of the Paris - Sorbonne Nouvelle University, she spent her early career working with several consulting companies before joining Arkadin.

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