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Arkadin Employee Stories: Online Graduate Recruitment


Graduate recruitment is changing, are you?




“I’m gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse”

This might be a common boast in the hyper-competitive world of talent attraction, but how many recruiters are actually living up to this promise, and how many are even attracting the ‘right type’ of graduates to make an offer to in the first place?

Graduate recruitment is changing

Costs for traditional graduate fairs can run into thousands once you start factoring in expenditures such as stand prices, expenses, time out of the office and advertising. But they were once the only real way to get your business in front of thousands of potential future leaders, even if only a small percentage of those were suitable to your business.

Attract the people you want, at a fraction of the cost

But times have changed. This costly, drag-net type of approach to recruitment is no longer necessary. Through the use of technology such as online graduate recruitment webinars you can attract only the type of candidates who are very interested in your business, all at a fraction of the cost of attending a recruitment fair.

The fact that every one of the people attending your graduate recruitment webinar is there specifically to learn about your business means that you don’t only save money but also time. Time that would have previously been wasted repeatedly explaining the business and the recruitment process.

Get a feel for potential employees

What is more the use of webinars as a graduate recruitment tool enables you get an initial read of your potential employees by running polls, simple tests and other measures to gauge suitability. Even the fact that they have joined a webinar gives you some measure of the students’ computer skills and ability to follow instructions.

There are also benefits for graduates…

There are benefits of recruitment webinars for students too. Graduate recruitment fairs previously meant students potentially had to travel long distances to attend, even assuming that they have the financial means and their hectic schedule of lectures, studying, working allows them to travel in the first place.

Remember to show the opportunity

Although many people use webinars for meetings or training sessions, some advocates of this technology fail to see the opportunity of using online webinars and events to evaluate and recruit potential future stars of your business and in particular graduates.

Any new initiative requires widespread buy-in in order to be successful. So remember to demonstrate to the benefits that using technology and tools such as webinars can bring to your business; making you stand out from your competitors, saving money, time and resources while enabling you to pick from some of the very best students from universities from all over the country, if not the world. Deloitte and Arthur Andersen have done it…why not you?


  • Graduate recruitment is changing
  • Tools such as webinars save you money and time
  • What is more they put you in front of the people you should care about, because they care about you.

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About the author

Scott Maryan is Arkadin’s Learning Media Consultant, based in the UK. Scott joined Arkadin after having worked five years in the eLearning industry, and before that as a teacher. Scott is responsible for supporting the business in all things eLearning, including the creation of product-based rapid eLearning modules, the administration and development of the organisation’s Learning Management System, The Arkadin Learning Hub and the co-building of “Jack the Trainer” training videos. He describes his work as having to wear a different hat every day. Scott spends his spare time spending half his money on his daughter and the other half on collecting and restoring vintage Vespa scooters.

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