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Are Your Flexible Workers Empowered? How I.T Hold the Key

The world of work has changed and employees are demanding increasing amounts of flexibility. Key to enabling this flexibility and empowering a remote workforce resulting in real business benefits is I.T.

Work is no longer merely the place you go. Now, in the new world of work, it is what you do and the tools that you use. Mobile technology and flexible working practices mean that the office is no longer as central to an employee’s life as it used to be. This is a classic win-win for businesses and their workforce saving office space and associated costs while enabling staff to focus on their jobs removing unproductive travel time and travel costs. However in order for the business to succeed in this new environment I.T must take the reigns and insure that the company’s flexible workers are empowered through technology.

Creating a dynamic mobile, flexible workforce has to be done with the business not to the business. I.T must consult with the wider business and employees so that they can be empowered, happier and more productive. Key to this is selecting the right communications tools so that employees can do their job wherever they are and spend more time on serving clients.

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About the author

Ryan O'Reilly is a progressive, visionary leader with 16 years operational experience of managing technical departments, deploying carrier grade IT and Telecommunication infrastructures and delivering world class hosting solutions. Ryan has proven success in defining operational and technical rollout strategies and leading high performance teams to exceed company objectives in highly pressurised, high pace working environments.

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Together we do great things