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“Are you Green?” Learn how Web Conferencing helps you protect the planet

Many companies are now striving for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to reversing the course of global warming.  The desire to be green is growing and web conferencing is considered by many to be one of the simplest ways to make this goal a reality. Telecommuting, online collaboration and web conferences are highly effective tools for quickly reducing the energy costs generated by your business.

Save money and the planet — Web Conferencing benefits are real and quantifiable.  A tool called the Green Meter has been used to measure and record the exact fuel savings generated by each participant in this type of meeting. The Green Meter uses participants’ IP addresses to calculate their location and potential travel-related impact.  This tool was used by the State of Arizona  in conjunction with their Web Conferencing activities to calculate savings of over $1.6 million after an initial investment of only $300,000 in telecommuting technologies. You too can reduce your carbon footprint and save money for your business.

1 – Reduce Business Travel

Hold web conferences so that your employees can attend without having to travel.  No matter where they are, employees will only need computer access to participate.  Reducing transportation costs has clear environmental benefits. The development and use of telecommuting, collaborative connections and sharing tools represent an unprecedented opportunity for increasing efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.

2– Decrease Your Company’s Energy Bill

Use web conferencing to reduce the need for conference rooms.  In the long-term, energy savings realized through lowered heating and lighting costs can represent significant savings for your business. Reducing the number of meeting rooms you need also means less personnel and materials required to equip and maintain them.  You save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in one fell swoop.

3- Optimize Team Productivity

Seize the opportunities offered by web conferencing to improve workplace time management.  This allows you to optimize team productivity without increasing your carbon footprint.  Online collaboration tools also encourage brainstorming between colleagues that sparks innovation.  Along with reducing energy costs, concern for your employees’ well-being in the workplace is crucial to establishing a reputation as a responsible company focused on sustainability.

It is easy to make environmental pledges, but implementing them within your company can often be quite complicated.  The transition to environmentally-friendly practices is a long-term investment and the development of web conferencing represents a simple yet effective method to start on the right path.

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