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Meet our April ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winners, Djamel Ouikene and Maurizio Agnino

Today the spotlight shines on Djamel Ouikene and Maurizio Agnino, our ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winners for April. Djamel, Director of the Information System & Operation Service Readiness and Maurizio, IS Support Team Leader for APAC, went ‘above and beyond’ to support and work alongside the APAC Billing and Finance Teams.

Thanks to their ever-approachable manner, and readily-available way of working, they are always on hand with help and support. Many of their colleagues have been keen to reward their problem-solving behaviour, telling us – for example – that “they always guide and help the APAC Finance team on identifying business / finance / IS issues, framing the solutions, and executing corrective actions or improvements”.

We tracked them down to learn more about their teamwork and how it feels to be our April ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winners.

Q. Can you tell us about your day-to-day work?

Djamel: My first task of the day is to ensure that we don’t have any urgent requests for support. After that, I continue with what I call ‘marathon meetings’ to ensure that the team has everything they need to perform their job. I try to keep my afternoon as free as possible to synchronize with the teams in US, India and France.

Maurizio: My work is essentially making sure that APAC teams are not stuck (for too long) on one of the information systems we use at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. I’ll collect information about incidents and then help by solving the issue or liaising with the right team. I also often provide IS training to local teams and create documentation to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Q. Your colleagues say that you always go the extra mile to support and work alongside teams that need your help. Do you think intradepartmental teamwork is an essential part of your work?

Djamel: Teamwork is more than essential: it’s critical for our work. Since our mission is to offer support on global systems, there’s no way that we can achieve it without interacting with all the different teams. We need to understand their needs and requirements to be able to offer them the best support. I also strongly believe in Information Systems. It’s even more critical as we need to understand the business logic of every department to simplify the exchange with the customer when there is an issue.

Maurizio: I think that teamwork is essential for every support team. The Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. is made of many entities, so intradepartmental teamwork is key to good customer experience.

Q. Thanks to your hard work, you bring a lot to the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. What motivates you and what does it mean to you to work here?

Djamel: My main motivation comes from the intellectual curiosity of offering a technology that simplifies our lives. I believe this is the main objective of the business and I think that this same challenge should be addressed personally. Understanding human interaction and finding how technology can help is quite motivating.

Maurizio: I’m fond of challenges. Moving to Singapore allowed me to embrace new ones; working on systems with a more international context.

Q. It seems that solving issues is one of your best strengths. How do you manage to do it?

Djamel: We tend to think that problem solving is quite intuitive. You have a problem, let’s solve it. However, rushing into the solution may produce the opposite effect and may create more issues than the initial one. Therefore, I try to follow four steps that I explain in the video above.

Maurizio: In my career I’ve filled all the positions from helpdesk to expert engineer. This has allowed me to gather experience in each position and fully understand the support process providing solutions to other teams and customers.

Q. You both excel in your own work but what makes you such a great team?

Djamel: I would say working together, not only by ourselves, but also by involving all departments and people that may add value to our work.

Maurizio: The strength of our team is in the diversity of skills and experience of each member.

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Margot Legars joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. at the end of 2019 as Junior Internal & Employer Community Manager. After finishing a degree in communications and product management at Paul Valéry University (Montpellier, France) she spent six months in Dublin (Ireland) to expand her professional experience beyond France. She currently works in the Internal Communications team, led by Magali Dos Santos, which creates, organizes and runs international programs and communications, and develops the employer brand.

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