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Agenda Planning for Web Conferencing [Slideshare]

Agenda planning for web conferencing

Web conferences are different to teleconferences and video. This SlideShare gives you the how-to of collaborating on documents.

Web conferencing: the modern day equivalent of sitting around, pens in hand, adding comments to a document but much, much, more effective. With web conferencing you and your team, no matter how geographically distant, can join together and work on a document, all together, all at the same time. But there is more to web conferencing than that, much more.

Through web conferencing not only can you and your team collaborate on a document but it can also serve as a creative environment through the implementation of interactive elements such as polls or questionnaires. There is no doubt that web conferencing can be an effective, efficient and engaging means of communicating. However, like everything, in order to get the best out of web conferencing, it needs to be done properly. Failure to set an agenda (and follow it) for your web conferencing session can devalue the whole exercise, reducing the session to little more than a series of disconnected comments from disengaged employees.

Agenda Planning for Web Conferencing from Arkadin Collaboration Services

This SlideShare shows you how to avoid the problems associated with web conferencing by setting an agenda that will not only keep your team on track but will also ensure that each and every one of your web conferencing sessions are a great success – driving your business forward and ultimately boosting that bottom line.

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