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A Transformational Experience: The Philosophy Behind Our New Digital Workplace

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With the move to our new headquarters located at 32 rue Guersant in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, Arkadin has taken a giant step on the journey to complete digital transformation. Our objective was to become a true Digital Workplace, capable of fostering team productivity, retaining top talents, and enhancing the appeal of our employer brand, and we believe we’ve met that goal. Click on the picture on the right to see our video presentation.

Our new building is so much more than mere offices. It’s a place where our People Culture and our values are reflected in every detail, with features designed to enhance the way we work together, increase our respect for each other and the environment, deepen our commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit, and ensure a consistently enjoyable atmosphere for everyone who crosses our threshold, from our people and our customers to our potential candidates.

The Guersant headquarters are part of a global initiative representing a radical rethinking of how we live, work, and use technology together. The Arkadin Digital Workplace program will align our strategies throughout the world in terms of LifeStyle, WorkSpace and TechServices, enabling Arkadin offices to not only be better places to work, but to ensure competitive edge in the digital era.

What defines a digital workplace?

A good, clear definition comes from Deloitte: “The digital workplace encompasses all the technologies people use to get work done in today’s workplace – both the ones in operation and the ones yet to be implemented. It ranges from your HR applications and core business applications to e-mail, instant messaging and enterprise social media tools and virtual meeting tools.”

At Arkadin, we’ve taken it even further: our new digital workplace is flexible, dynamic, technology enabled, healthy, sustainable and collaborative. The result? It increases interaction, drives employee and customer engagement and loyalty, elevates the overall user experience, and enhances productivity.

It’s vital to understand that the digital workplace isn’t just a trend or a fad: it’s a priority for succeeding in business today.

As Klaus Holse, CEO of SimCorp has said, “Businesses that will be successful in the future will be those who break down the barriers between people, workplaces and technologies and empower their employees to be productive and creative wherever they are… It is a catalyst for new ways of working, but competitive advantage increasingly comes from letting employees use technology in the way they want to. This requires a business culture that puts people first.”

How we designed our digital workspace

Nothing about our move was improvised. We had to anticipate, organize, be open to new ideas, and listen to input from all our people. We also had to foresee the future needs of our Arkadians so as to ensure their improved efficiency going forward. Our project was a unique opportunity to not only move our offices to a new address – but to move our company into a new era of unified communications, where enhanced collaboration and improved performance are nurtured.

To do so, we invested in the delivery of a unique digital workplace experience built around the three Arkadin concepts which emerged from our research: LifeStyle, WorkSpace, and TechServices.

Our LifeStyle concept is how we live together at work. It reflects our People policy of ensuring the happiness of our employees in the workplace. Some of the ways we do that is by offering flexible areas to develop new ways of collaboration and teamwork, as well as by promoting a Work From Home policy to embody our core business. Other LifeStyle attributes include our Save the Planet and Green initiatives.

Our WorkSpace represents a new brand identity for our work environment, where traditional office walls have been broken down to create flexible, comfortable, “arrange-it-yourself” work areas to promote enhanced teamwork, spontaneous collaboration, and a sense of well-being.

And our TechServices concept provides world-class workplace technology and service so our people can communicate, collaborate, and connect anywhere and anytime. Our end-users now benefit from a fully digital experience – both web and mobile – when accessing services in the workplace.

Today, with our new Arkadin Digital Workspace, we’ve made a fundamental change in how we deliver value to those who work with us and who do business with us… and we can finally truly say that we’re “walking the talk” of being the Cloud Communication Experts.

About the author

Armelle joined Arkadin in 2011 to take on HR for EMEA and as Deputy to Global HR, setting up HR Information System and global processes and programs. She followed by leading Marketing for EMEA, focuses on key product launches and business-driven lead generation activities. After graduating from Columbia University in New York City and HEC business school in Paris, she started her career at Renault in Sales and Marketing, before moving to Human Resources positions in Sales, Engineering, Logistics as well as Manufacturing. She then joined Schneider Electric. Today, Armelle is Chief People Officer at Arkadin.

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