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7 Pieces of Furniture That Increase Your Productivity

A look at some office furniture that increases productivity in digital workplace

Today’s workplace is a virtual world. Where everyone’s untethered, footloose, nomadic… needing no more infrastructure than a laptop in order to be productive.

That’s the theory but in reality, no matter how flexible your working arrangements, or where you remotely work from, the furniture that surrounds you still matters. Both for health reasons, and to help your productivity.

This SlideShare looks at 7 innovations making a difference in the enlightened workplace – whether you’re working from a corner office, or a kitchen table.

With one report stating ergonomic design isn’t keeping up with modern work styles, you’ve got every reason to test out unusual new furniture. After all, the human body wasn’t designed for long stints seated, and you’ve got your health to think about. (There are plenty of tips around the web.)
And of course, they work at home, too. So if you’re lucky enough to enjoy flexible or remote working arrangements, you’ve no excuse. Look into how new ideas could improve your productivity – your organisation will thank you for it.


  • Ergonomic furniture is vital to today’s connected office
  • Technology connects to work, furniture connects to health
  • Interesting design makes office space more liveable


Office furniture is just the beginning, download The connected business: Informed and involved deadline day decisions and see how else you can boost productivity.


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