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5 ways UC can empower your team!

The way we collaborate is changing with digitally savvy and younger ambitious talent joining. To help support them, new ways of communication need to be considered to push for open collaboration.

Communications amongst businesses plays an important role in shaping the future workplace and instead of just focusing on one technology, cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) integrates multiple communications tools to make one single touchpoint where you can email, instant message, video conference, share multimedia files, merge voice calls – it is the one platform that can rule them all on the cloud.

UC is changing the way we communicate and here are five ways that it can empower your team.

Collaborate effectively

When everything is all connected on one platform, it is easy to connect and be accessible. Therefore, it makes collaboration more seamless and responsive than before. That way, no idea or action gets lost within the meetings. It gets saved on the same platform.

The cloud-based approach to UC ensures that data is shared across teams, eliminates miscommunication and increases workflow.

Increase productivity

Working from home or telecommunicating is the new norm with 70% of people working remotely at least one a week. UC solutions keep everything on file so it is easy to reference a certain data or element in a file and with the ability to make calls, message and meet, your team can work from different environments like home, office or at a café. With new technologies like direct calendar synchronization and facial recognition, it will have help reduce time and keep employees more engaged and connected.

Reduce business costs

In the long run, UC will reduce business costs. According to a study from Stanford University, a travel agency in Shanghai saved $2,000 per employee on office space rent because they implemented flexible working policies and used UC technologies. Using persistent team messaging can replace the more costly types of communication like cellular voice calls and keep you communicating.  One of our own customers, a leading engineering company, saw cost savings of over 40% within the first two months of deploying Microsoft Teams.  Consequently, proving that the successful deployment of UC can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Think global

All businesses want to grow, and UC can help business scale globally across all time zones and geographic locations without worrying a breakdown in communication. It will keep you going and chatting no matter where the location or office is.

Lead successfully

Successful leadership is a result of great effective communication and having a platform where you can speak to your manager or team despite the gaps in time zone or locations is quite incredible. Cisco’s Cognitive Collaboration technology is equipped with a People Insights feature where hosts can pull up profiles and learn more about their meeting participants. Microsoft Teams records meetings in Stream and correlates them with the appropriate channels to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest news and actions for their projects, no matter what time zone they’re in.  In today’s world, UC equips employees with powerful communication tools to allow them to enhance their work wherever.

Thus, whether you are a start-up or a large company, keep thinking about how to keep your team connected and consider UC because it will empower your team to stay engaged and collaborating.

About the author

Elaine Riley is the Global Marketing lead at Arkadin for Microsoft Intelligent Communications. As such she is responsible for the branding and awareness of Microsoft technology solutions across the company, in all regions. With over 14 years’ experience in IT, Elaine began her career working as a Marketing Specialist for an IBM Partner in 2005, before joining Applicable, a specialist Microsoft messaging and collaboration partner, as their Global Head of Marketing in 2010. In 2017, Elaine joined Arkadin as their Global Microsoft Lead where she has developed the relationship with Microsoft and supported the successful delivery of the latest Intelligent Communications platforms, leading to the role she holds today. Elaine holds an Honours Degree in Commercial Computer Systems Management and Information Technology, alongside a master’s degree in Marketing.

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