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Meet our four 2019 worldwide Values winners: Heather West, Thomas Vellenga, Kerrine Huang and Lionel Gaiero

During 2019, twelve employees were selected as our Values Employee of the Month. The Senior Management Team and the Regional HR Directors have now chosen from this twelve, four 2019 Worldwide Values Winners, the ones that best demonstrated our (previous) values in their daily job

Join us congratulating:  

  • Lionel Gaiero for the RESPECT value 
  • Kerrine Huang for the WORKING TOGETHER value 
  • Thomas Vellenga for the ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT value 
  • Heather West for the ENJOYMENT value 

Those winners closed the page of the Values Employee of the Month program around our historical values.  

Now, with the new ‘Go the Extra Mile’ program, we have much more to celebrate. Every​ month, employees can nominate one or more colleagues who they feel have gone ‘above and beyond’. Where our previous program focused on values, this time around we are asking people to nominate based on behaviours: these include Achievement, Problem Solving, Office Cheer, Collaboration, and more. You’ll be able to discover our first ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winner in the coming weeks!  

For now, we asked Heather, Thomas, Kerrine and Lionel to tell us more about their big win as 2019 Worldwide Values Winners:  

Q. In 2019, you were once elected as Values Employee of the Month and now you are a 2019 Worldwide Values winner! How did you feel when you learned that you’d won these awards? 

Heither: I was very surprised to win the Values Employee of the Month award. It was the same month that we had our regional off-site meeting during which I also received the Enjoyment Award. It was nice to celebrate both in Orlando. For the 2019 Worldwide Values announcement, I wasn’t at my desk. I was extremely confused when I got back to my work area and my email and teams notifications were exploding! 

Thomas: It made me very happy, but I was also very humbled to be chosen for this award. I did not expect this. 

Kerrine: I was very surprised and honored to learn that I had won the awards. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received for my work, because I am very sure that every other nominee for this award was as capable if not more, of winning this award. 

Lionel: What news! I’m so happy to be a winner of the Values and much happier to win the Respect one. After more than six years in the company, I never gave up on the Values and I’ve always tried to bring more and more to my colleagues and clients. The Respect Value is always a part of it! 

Q. Can you tell us the reasons for which you think you have been selected for this yearly award? 

Heither: I’ve always had a very cheerful and bright personality and I truly believe it is an important part of my job to show it. I try to have fun with everyone in my office and I really enjoy using my creative energy with planning events, and making the office fun and exciting. 

Thomas: I believe it was due to extra work I did after hours and on weekends. I had to onboard and train users for a large account in how to use webcast services. I also took over the Project Manager duties for this account. I was recognized for this extra time I put in by the customer and they loved working with me on the project. In fact, I still work with them to this day. 

Kerrine: Winning this award would not have been possible without the support I have received from my mentors and my colleagues, from whom I have derived the strength to challenge myself and perform better at each stage. The company has also given me the environment and countless opportunities where I can feel free to think and use my knowledge which allows me to grow in many aspects of life.  

Lionel answered this question in a video testimonial. Discover it here!  

Q. How do our values help you in your daily work? 

Heither:  The Values help me with gauging how I should interact with people in the office. Having enjoyment as a Value seemed to give me permission to be fun and bubbly in the office. 

Thomas: They help me to stay focused and strive to do my best every day.  

Lionel: Since day 1, I have stuck to the values. They’re the pillars of my day. They help me to be a better person in the office. The Respect value is the most important one in my opinion. It’s normal that you respect your colleagues, your customers, everyone that you may work with. You have to respect them.  

You can find Kerrine’s answer in the article about her win as September 2019 Values Employee of the Month here

Q. With the new ‘Go the Extra Mile’ program, the employee of the month is now selected thanks to behaviours such as Collaboration, Achievement, Problem solving, Office cheer and so on. Which one do you think suits you best and why?  

Heither: Office cheer! It’s part of my job. 

Thomas: I think it could possibly be Achievement. People tell me I am very organized and thorough. Making sure events are set up without any errors and meeting the customer’s requests/needs in a timely manner. Trying to do my best each day and getting the job done. 

Kerrine: I think that the behaviours that are closer to my heart will be Make others great and Collaboration. Team spirit has always been a core value for me and that means we show up for each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work every day. It’s only through teamwork that we achieve greatness.  

Lionel:  First, I’m glad to see the company is promoting more than the Values and the ‘Go the Extra Mile’ program will reward some great people – I have a few in mind already. For me though, problem solving is my day-to-day job so I won’t consider it as going the Extra Mile! I will do my best to do more Extra Mile Achievement. I already have a few ideas on how to increase our productivity and make our day to day life easier. I’ll keep you posted. 

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Magali joined Arkadin in 2011 as Global Head of Internal Communication and Values Champion. Her objectives were to underpin delivery of our company’s business strategy, ensure strategic support across all of Arkadin’s business areas, set up global processes and programs, and deliver measurable impact in helping people explore and understand our 4 core values and the part they play within our company. In addition to her initial role, she is now in charge of our employer brand and focuses on refreshing our positioning and content through a strong digital media strategy via a new careers site and social media content. A graduate of the Paris - Sorbonne Nouvelle University, she spent her early career working with several consulting companies before joining Arkadin.

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