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15 Things We Love About Online Conference Sales Trainings

  1. Allowing our entire North American team – located in 7 different locations throughout the US and Canada – to catch up on the newest solutions and product trainings without leaving our desks and taking time to travel.
  2. The ability to easily brainstorm and strategize where we want to go for the upcoming year and put together plans and ideas.
  3. Motivating our sales teams with sales stats that we share via web conferencing during our weekly online meetings.
  4. Feeling like we’re all together in the same room having coffee during our occasional video conference – it really makes our team solid.
  5. Hosting virtual trainings for our clients to get the ‘real feel’ of a solution before, during and after product roll-outs.
  6. Getting our global sales teams together for a online meeting or virtual event via webcast or webinar – it allows for full participation!
  7. Working on Powerpoint presentations with our global sales teams. Even though we’re located in 4 different countries, we’re all able to work on the same presentation during our audio and web conference.
  8. The interactivity in online sales trainings where everyone participates and has the ability to include their feedback to make the next meeting better.
  9. Seeing the faces and reactions of our team members during a video conference. It’s almost as good as being there. The only thing missing is a hug!
  10. Quickly and easily sending sales training materials to our online meeting participants right through the web conferencing platform.
  11. Training clients on the ability to provide their own sales trainings via webinars, webcasts, virtual events, video conferencing, or audio and web conferencing. It’s exciting to see their excitement when they see the process of registration, polling and the final outcomes for themselves.
  12. Webcasting to the entire sales organization about upcoming product releases and sales trainings.
  13. Hosting sales seminars that provide our teams with the market research they need to help them grow their numbers.
  14. Sensing the excitement and seeing the team get pumped about new solutions we have to offer during a video conference. You can really see who is itching to get there and sell. The motivation is contagious.
  15. Connecting with the teams on a personal level and inspiring them face-to-face through video conferencing without having to physically be there with them.

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We are made up of marketers, sales representatives, administrators, product and project managers, developers, operational personnel and customer service agents all passionate about collaboration. Communication is at the heart of what we do, and we are continually in search of better, faster, more efficient and cutting-edge ways to connect people across geographic borders. We believe that progress emerges from people's desire to share and that everyone works better when they're having fun!

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