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100 years of great collaboration [Infographic]

Truly great collaboration partnerships don’t happen every day – or even every year. This Arkadin infographic looks at a century of great collaboration stories.


Even on multi-decade timescales, truly earth-shaking collaborations only pop up every decade or two. But when they do, they’re easy to recognise.

They involve big challenges, with the fate of nations and industries at their mercy. Perfect planning, with pin-sharp focus on strategy and strengths leading to extraordinary outcomes, changing the lives of billions.

The partnerships below aren’t the only ones, but they’re among the greatest. Collaborative technology – from transatlantic telegraphs to broadband conferencing and presence – played its role in every one.

Great collaboration really is the key to innovation, to ensure you are fostering a collaborative culture in your workforce download the eGuide: The connected business: Generating a collaborative culture, how to build innovation in your enterprise

About the author

Annemarie, leads and implements the HR strategy across northern Europe at Arkadin Collaboration Services. She is passionate about the role of unified communication in company communications and employee recruitment and retention.

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Together we do great things