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Why choose NTT for Operator Connect?

With extensive global reach, business-critical features, lots of support options and huge savings, learn why NTT is your ideal choice for Operator Connect.

Telephony in Microsoft Teams: Operator Connect vs. Direct Routing

Direct Routing is a popular way to add telephony to Microsoft Teams, but Operator Connect may well be the best solution. Find out why…

Meet our October ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winner: Vincenza Gutierrez, Service Provisioning Manager

‘While many might sink in a sea of change, Vincenza brings calm encouragement, and a solid message of hope. I learn so much…

Hybrid working: Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead?

During the pandemic, we’ve helped clients with world-class comms and collaboration tools. Now CEO Mark Alexander looks at the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Virtual events: how an eCDN will support your network when people return to the office

Virtual events are here to stay. But simultaneous streams could consume all your office internet bandwidth and impact your network. We look at how an eCDN can help you avoid these issues.

Meet our September winners: the North America Virtual Events Engineering team

In September, a whole team came into the ‘Go the Extra Mile’ spotlight, thanks to their incredible cohesive spirit. Johnny Perkins, Katie…

Customer Experience: Essential sessions for WebexOne – Day 2

WebexOne – Day 2: Some suggestions of sessions to inspire you at this must-attend, free virtual event, 26-28 October. Register to attend and book your seat.

Brandon Filipello’s career, the forever smiling IT Engineer

For five years now, Brandon Filipello has been working at the Cloud Communications division of NTT as IT Engineer. Covering a broad-spectrum…

Collaboration and hybrid working: sessions to inspire you at WebexOne – Day 1

WebexOne is Cisco’s must-attend virtual event of the year. It’s two days of essential insights, briefings, best practices and updates to wise…

Together we do great things

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