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Operator Connect: what to check before you choose your provider

With Operator Connect you could opt to consolidate providers and go forward with just one telco. Before you choose, do check these vital considerations.

How to enable Operator Connect calling and conferencing in Microsoft Teams

Ready to get going with Operator Connect? In this blog and video we show how easy it is to enable Operator Connect from the Admin Portal in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Operator Connect: Your most frequently asked questions, answered

There was great excitement when Microsoft launched Operator Connect in 2021, and just as many questions. Operator Connect enhances the list of Microsoft’s…

Lights, cameras, engage! What next for virtual and hybrid events?

Hear from NTT’s digital event experts as they discuss how event organizers can attract and engage audiences using virtual and hybrid events.

How to ensure compliance recording with Microsoft Teams

Is call recording for compliance a must-have? Discover how to quickly and seamlessly integrate world-leading recording and analytics with Microsoft Teams.

Meet our October ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winner: Vincenza Gutierrez, Service Provisioning Manager

‘While many might sink in a sea of change, Vincenza brings calm encouragement, and a solid message of hope. I learn so much…

Hybrid working: Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead?

We’ve helped clients enable a hybrid workplace with world-class comms and collaboration tools. What are the challenges and opportunities they now face?

Together we do great things

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