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Why choose NTT for Operator Connect?

With extensive global reach, business-critical features, lots of support options and huge savings, learn why NTT is your ideal choice for Operator Connect.

Telephony in Microsoft Teams: Operator Connect vs. Direct Routing

Direct Routing is a popular way to add telephony to Microsoft Teams, but Operator Connect may well be the best solution. Find out why…

Top hybrid working challenges for employers and how to overcome them

Hybrid working is gaining traction but some managers still have concerns. We look at some of these challenges and how you can overcome them.

Thriving in a high-pressure environment: Peter Mueller’s career as BDM

In 2017, Peter Mueller joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT in Toronto, to work as an Account Executive. Two years on…

How Cloud Contact Center can transform your Customer Experience

Discover how moving to a Cloud Contact Center can give you the agility, continuity, future-proofing and insights you need for a superb Customer Experience.

Never stop learning: the career of Marco Aguiar, Service Provisioning Specialist

Marco Aguiar has been working for the Cloud Communications division of NTT for almost six years. In this time, he’s evolved from…

Jen Foltz, a remote and connected Business Development Manager

Jen Foltz joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT in February 2020, just before the pandemic was declared. But working remotely wasn’t…

As the world transforms, employee experience rejuvenates the workplace

As hybrid working becomes the new norm, employee experience can both rejuvenate the workplace and ensure your organization’s long-term success.

Together we do great things

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