Why Women Should Lead Like Women, Not Men

Sallie Krawcheck has written a book called “Own It: The Power of Women at Work”. Built around many of her own experiences, the book offers career and financial advice for women – and advice about “leading like a woman”.

Five Websites That Can Make You Seriously Smarter

Discover 5 very special websites that are great resources for helping people make better decisions, learn more, and be more creative

New Year, New More Productive You

We all know the downside of New Year’s Resolutions. You sign up for a 12-month gym membership and you’re disheartened by February.…

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Here’s the awful truth: most people will judge you within the first seven seconds of meeting you and their opinion will most…

Six Ways to Negotiate the Salary You’re Worth

Whether you’re starting a new job or asking for a raise, there are few conversations more uncomfortable than those that concern salary.…

It’s all about that base…why shared office spaces are productive hubs for business leaders

A SlideShare outlining key traits of successful co-working for CIOs and business leaders. There’s no there, there. Gertrude Stein’s pithy put-down has…

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